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Our services are flexible and tailored to meet your needs

Our services are described in detail below.

Commercial type equipment

Trading Equipment

A wide variety of equipment is employed in retail, wholesale, and food service businesses as well as warehouses and supply warehouses (machines, automatic devices, flow lines). The type of equipment used in the commercial sector depends on the products being processed; general-purpose equipment and equipment are used for food products. Commercial equipment performs functions such as transportation, loading, unloading, storing, selling, processing, weighing, reporting sales, and registering sales.


Cafe and Restaurant Equipment

It is vital for restaurants to consistently provide excellent food to thrive in today's market. Investing in top-of-the-line restaurant equipment will help your business increase productivity while reducing costs. Count on us to provide the best equipment, which will turn you into one of our most satisfied customers. You will always come back to us for more work.

Processes carried out before the project

A project's budget and other expenses are a major concern before starting a project.


To begin with, it is necessary to produce a complete report on all the costs to be incurred and the equipment that will be used during construction before starting the project.


Preparation for the pre-project process begins following the designation of your catering facility, which follows a defined concept (such as European cuisine, national cuisine, and Chinese cuisine, etc.).


Special Projects

Custom projects require a greater level of time and responsibility. The design of the equipment to be used, including small details, color, shape, and other factors, is recorded based on the specification of the customer.

Regional management

It is not uncommon for field managers to encounter some serious problems during construction projects. The management process includes ensuring a stable pace of construction, managing funds and other resources, and ensuring safety for employees. To achieve this, all stakeholders must be involved and the process must be managed appropriately. In particular, it's important to understand project schedules and budgets well, as well as to communicate clearly with each other.

A step-by-step process for implementing a project

Here are the first steps we take in implementing the project from scratch. The fundamental mission of our company is to ensure that the first stage of the project, which includes the water supply, the water mains, lighting, and other issues, has been planned for the kitchen and, once approved, that the equipment to be furnished by us has been delivered.

Service and Warranty

When a maintenance contract is in place for electrical equipment, stainless steel equipment, small parts, or spare parts, the following warranties apply.


We ensure, as a contractor, that all equipment in contact with food that we provide meets safety standards set by the food industry. Moreover, as contractors, we are also entitled to a warranty period as described below, ensuring that the equipment is able to perform the functions of the devices, neutral equipment, and equipment specified by the manufacturer when used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. 

If the equipment has been modified or damaged after being transferred to another company or third party, the above warranty will not apply. 

The contractor is responsible for operating any equipment that does not meet the above warranties according to the instructions, specifications, and articles published by the manufacturer of the equipment. All new electrically operated or supplied equipment will have a standard warranty period within one (1) year from the date the warranty period is accepted.

Safety Wear

Engineer and Master staff

Our engineers and craftsmen work as a team to ensure that all of your orders are fulfilled successfully.

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