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As a company with over 25 years of experience in supplying and manufacturing kitchen equipment for private kitchens and restaurants, canteens, bakeries, as well as fully equipping existing general processes, we are proud to serve you.

Since 1997.

Since 1997

Since 1997

Since 1997

What we provide:

  • Projecting

  • Individual design

  • Production and supply

  • Warranty and service

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Our job is to produce ...

About Bakinox company and its essence


Culinary school project


Culinary school

Azerbaijan Culinary Arts Center (“CÀSÀ”) is an accredited third-level educational institution providing high-quality culinary education with programs that adhere to international standards and offer professional diplomas. 


Founded in 2020, it is located in Baku, Azerbaijan. CÀSÀ is the first professional culinary center in Azerbaijan, located in the city center of Baku and set in the famous Deniz Mall, one of Azerbaijan's architectural landmarks overlooking the Caspian Sea and the famous Baku Boulevard. An expression of the culinary center's essence is embodied in this building - quality for the sake of excellence and innovation.

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"We are committed to our projects..."

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Whether it's a personal knife or large-scale kitchen equipment, we pay close attention to every detail and subtlety. In all aspects of our work, we adhere to high standards. This includes our interactions with customers and partners, our development of internal activities, and our troubleshooting of operational problems. Our success is attributed to this type of business approach.

"We pay attention to every detail. . ."

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Wedding houses

Our banquet kitchen projects

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Numerous workstations often fill the banquet kitchen, and important sanitary steps must be taken during each step of preparation to serve hundreds or thousands of people at once. A technologically advanced kitchen ensures that food served to guests here is of the highest quality in terms of freshness and safety. It is now easier for the chefs to pre-cook the food and keep it in optimal condition, and then reheat it and garnish the dish on the day of the event.

"You can rely on our experience in large-scale projects..."

Who we are

Information about our company

An overview of our company

Professional problems require the expertise of competent people. With the right professional, you can achieve the desired outcome, and even highlight nuances in a broader context. Bakinox embodies this principle.

Over 25 years of experience in the field of professional kitchen equipment enables us to solve any problem. With a keen eye for detail, our work is both appealing and customer-friendly.


We are working


The projects we have handed over

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Murad Babayev


Professional staff


Our business employees

CEO, Bakinox LLC

Our field of activity

We offer you various types of service and production services.

Commercial construction

Cafe and restaurant type construction

Pre-project measures

Regional management

Special projects

Project execution process from zero

Service and Warranty

Engineer and Foreman staff

What are we doing

Our projects

You can watch a short video of our recent work. 

Our customers

We believe that each of our customers will cooperate with us for a long time.

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