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  • What are the payment terms and how do I make a payment?
    We provide very simple and convenient payment terms, with a 50% deposit required for all projects and equipment ordered.
  • Are the products we purchase from you covered by a warranty?
    The service includes a 1-year warranty after delivery of the equipment. Visit our website's service section for more information.
  • What kind of material do you use?
    Stainless steel is the material used in the manufacture of equipment (AISI 304,316). Let us also note that the material we use is authorized by internationally renowned brands in the field of professional kitchens, and its certificate can be provided.
  • Do you offer individual design services for only one piece of equipment?
    It is certainly possible. A variety of sizes and types of equipment (stoves, refrigerators, cabinets, etc.) can be designed and produced individually.
  • Is your company capable of designing and manufacturing small kitchens?
    Any size of kitchen furniture can be manufactured and installed by our expert professionals.
  • Is your company involved in creating kitchens for private homes?
    Our designers and engineers can design and construct any type of courtyard house, garden house, apartment building, outdoor barbecue, or catering facility.
  • What is the best way to design my kitchen?
    The design can be on-site or ready-made, or our company can devise it accordingly. The project manager may analyze your submitted project and make recommendations for improving it. Production and supply processes begin after the final decision has been made.
  • Can a kitchen be prepared in the open air with a roof over it?
    Yes, stainless steel equipment that we produce (AISI 304) resists rust and corrosion under the conditions you mentioned.
  • When considering the design and project of my kitchen, what should I pay most attention to?
    1. It is important to sketch out the paths you will follow in your first design (cooking, washing, cleaning, etc.). 2. You need to keep in mind the direction in which kitchen furniture doors should open and close. 3. Which style of furniture would you like for your kitchen (modern, classic, etc.)? 4. Creating an environment that makes it easier to clean up after cooking. 5. Organize your kitchen more conveniently by placing food in the appropriate sections.
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